Wednesday, March 23, 2011

im try my best

assalamualaikum… and salam sejahtera

today im just back from the char kuey teow stall..

very delicious… hehhe then arrived at home around 8.00p.m

open my facebook.. suddenly i see one pic n opened the album..


hurmmm im very suprises with it, hurm….all of people happy with what they get..

and i nothing( not nothing at all)..

just little bit jealous with them…

hurm.. if got n become as that people…hurm.. only god know my heart n feel..

but i try my best with my life..

what im doing n i do…

hurmm mybe have somting that god want show to me..

coz i know sya telah berusaha..

but not my rezeki… and maybe ada hikmah..


hope my life changes…